Bulletin of the TMS

Bulletin of the Tripura Mathematical Society (BTMS)

The BTMS is an annual publication from TMS primarily consisting of popular, semi-popular and expository articles on Mathematics and related topics.
BTMS was first published in the year 1981.

From the Volume-37, it is divided into two parts:

  1. Articles on Mathematical Interest/ Popular articles
  2. News of Tripura Mathematical Society, containing Results of different examinations conducted by Tripura Mathematical Society, RMO/INMO questions with solutions, the Annual report by General Secretary, TMS, Audit report of the Treasurer, TMS, New Life Members, etc.

Present Editor-in-Chief is Dr. Shouvik Bhattacharya (shouvik.bagala@gmail.com).

The authors are requested to send their mathematical articles by mail [in Times New Roman, font size 12 on Microsoft Word and PDF] to the Editor-in-Chief.


It is published under the ISSN no. 2395-3071.

BTMS (Cover Page - Sample)
Sample Cover Page

Editorial Board

  • Dr. Shouvik Bhattacharya [Editor-in-Chief]
  • Prof. B. C. Tripathy
  • Dr. Rupak Sarkar
  • Dr. Baby Bhattacharya


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