About the TMS

Tripura Mathematical Society [a.k.a., Tripura Ganita Parishad (ত্রিপুরা গণিত পরিষদ) or TMS in short] was established on January 7, 1979 (vide registration number 662 of 1979).

Presently there are more than 450 (Life) members who are mostly academic staff of various schools, colleges, universities and institutions of India and abroad. There are several student members as well. The greatest gift of TMS is that it binds its community of followers, participants, volunteers and members via the common passion and love for Mathematics.



TMS aims at popularizing and promoting Mathematics and mathematical studies among its community of followers, participants, volunteers, members and the society in general.



  1. Eradication of fear or phobia of Mathematics.
  2. To create interest about Mathematics.
  3. To inspire young minds with joy of learning Mathematics.
  4. To unfold beauties, excitement and fun in Mathematics.
  5. To elevate Mathematics talent within the community.
  6. To inspire teachers to in turn inspire the community on Mathematics.
  7. To create a environment to push the boundaries of research and development in Mathematics.
  8. To enlighten the community on the rich Indian heritage of Mathematics.



Ganit ke noy bhoy, Ganit ke karo Joy!
গণিত কে নয় ভয়, গণিত কে করো জয়



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